Sistas Reasoning Volume Two Front Cover
Sistas Reasoning Volume Two Back Cover

Sistas Reasoning Volume Two – Mama Wood, Mama Laila & Empress Wood


Mama Wood
I was told that I being a clean woman could not be Rasta, the society was totally against Rasta. They thought it was a bad choice for a woman to get into the Rastafari livity, furthermore there were just few Rasta woman at that time and very few dreadlocks brethren, most were combsome Rasta, they were all loving and caring for each other, you could not go by a Rastaman in the street without him asking if you are alright and if you have any money for yourself. The Rastaman greeting was always with peace and love. (p.11)

Empress Apple
Unity is the strength, the universe belongs to us. (p.21)

Mama Leila
Clean up your livity and live right and exercise good ways among your brothers and sisters. (p.21)