INRI Edition No.1

I Negus Records International – Edition No.1


Bless~sed Rastafari Greetings ~ How good and how pleasant it is to give th~ahnks & praises through works and Service. I an I say the highest form of Praises is to be productive.

It is with great pleasure that I present to our community this new cultural magazine which is a continuation of the works and brand known as I Negus Records International (INRI) currently in the public domain as a record label. This new publication represents the literary aspect and development of INRI which has been in the realms of creative imagination for some time, but now through the inspiration and timing of the Most High, manifests through the realms of the physical senses into reality. This debut edition has two sections. The Spritual/Practical section & The Musical Section.

This publication will endeavour to promote not only I works but the works of fellow artists, activists, musicians, producers and like-minded ones in our community who wish to make use of this Literary platform to share their views on matters relative to the ongoing process of total ‘Emancipation from Mental Slavery’. Articles of educational value, social commentary, critical thinking/analysis of the times we are living in and the cultural arts are most welcome for future editions. Be sure to contact the links below for your contributions of articles or information.

Cos Tafari