INRI Edition 2


“It is with pleasure that I present to our community this 2nd Edition of the new cultural magazine ‘I Negus Records International’. The first edition was launched on March 2nd (Adwa Victory Day) this year and having received some great acknowledgements from ones in our international community, only serves to encourage and stimulate more creative works. In this edition you will find a range of edifying articles from contributors in Ethiopia, Jamaica, USA, Kenya, Japan, Austria and the UK. The front cover Throne image is a photograph taken in The Holy Trinity Church in Addis Ababa when InI visited Ethiopia in 2003. His Majesty has many Thrones!!

This edition features Sound Systems that are holding the ground of African redemption. I grew up in that culture and can attest to the importance they play in strengthening our indigenous identity, cultural expression and cohesion. I and others are observing with some concern and critiquing where sound system sub-culture is going and are vigilant that it should remain as a unique original cultural vehicle for African Redemption. Although it is embraced and loved by all races in the human family, it is imperative that the owners of Roots Sound Systems maintain the ‘Call to Order’, keeping the restitution of our people foremost.”