Sista Reasoning Part One Front Cover
Sista Reasoning Part One Back Cover

Sistas Reasoning Volume One – Dawta Dean & Sista Jaqueline


Message to the International Rastafari Community especially Rastafari Sisters

Sista Jaqueline
The greatest thing in this time is to give all the praise to Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen. Always trod with clean hands and a pure heart and remove petty prejudice from among yourself and from one another.

Dawta Dean
Righteousness exalts a nation and sin a reproach, no matter what color or creed. Rastafari is the true livity for everyone I just hope that the nation will see and does the right thing. InI remember all the Christs who has re- vealed themselves through the ages but right now within this dispensation it is Q’damawi Emperor Haile Selassie we have before us.Search the history of His Majesty Q’damawi Haile Selassie and know that he is a mystical person and we should try to be like Him also do a lot of meditation. (p.30)