Tale of Papa Honey front cover
Tale of Papa Honey front coverTale of Papa Honey back cover

Tale of Papa Honey – The Papine Tales Part 3



“From the sweet scrapbook in his head; relaying key points of a story, a remembered poem, theme of conversation, or a tale transcripted, our Papine resident continues to share the knowledge of Jah Folk, embedding the consciousness of Rootical Folklore; furthering this new celebration, of the flora of African and Caribbean oral traditions.

Through the title story, we hear about ”the sweetest man on earth”; a fig tree grove, in his re- telling of a Kenyan Creation story; of generosity, through Tale of Lemongrass: learning through the things of the earth. Not only the learning, but the joy also; re-cultivating a love of folktales, through our favourite trees, vegetables, spices, fruits and herbs.

to Dr Amina Blackwood-Meeks, OD. the Magical One”