Testimony of Ancient Bongo Zappa


I man was looking on the religious side of things and the cleanest path I could trod up is Rastafari who shows I the ways of healthy and clean living which are the most essential part of life, so I said to myself I am going to trod Rastafari through the powers of I Majesty.

During my early years trodding my teacher Miss Nish told us in class that the Emperor will be visiting Jamaica in April 1966, I was eleven and some months. Miss Nish said to the class of boys who wish to see the Emperor can go into town to see him. Many children in my class decided to make the trip, I went home and told my mother and father about the visit of the Emperor, my parents were not interested, I had no one take me, I started to cry, my neighbor an old lady heard my cries, she said to me, “Don’t worry yourself son, bathe and put on your clothes I will take you”. Having heard that I calm down and dried my tears.(p.6)