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Word Sound of Ancient Bob Roy


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

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I man birth name is Keith Wilberforce Williams, better known as Bob Roy or Keith Man. I man was born on the 16th June 1937 in Montego Bay. Trodding up as a youth I man sight up Rastafari at the age of 24. I was guided by the two brothers, Winston and George Wollery, who were working on the Barnett Sugar Estate along myself. There we rea- soned about Haile Selassie and African liberation struggle.

I rented a room at Crawford Street Mt. Salem, so it was easy for me to walk to work, instead of taking daily transportation.

I man rise up and take on the faith as a young youth with a few comb- some brethren by the names of Doctor, Martin, George, Little, and Campbell Man. Some of us were also employed at the St. James Parish Council in 1964-1965.

Those early days were very rough for Rastafari as police was always searching and harassing you for herb; now it is jacket and tie having the free usage of the weed and not Rastafari.


I man heard of Priest Brown in North Gully, and one of the times, I man went down there to see what was going on. It was quite interest- ing to see the level of togetherness and love among the brethren. We were accepted among the group of brethren to the extent that we were able to change their tradition of herb ritual.

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