Wise Mind Publications - Incient Speak Vol. 1 - Bongo Isaac - Front Cover

Incient Speak Vol. 1 – Bongo Isaac


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

First page excerpt…

I man name is Bongo Isaac according to Rasta, as them say put Bongo to it, but my parented name is Isaac Wright and I am seventy year and six month, I was born in the month of March and you know that the man born in the month of March is a good man, but he is fiery. His birth sign is Pisces; Christ came in the Piscean Age, which is the watery age.

So the people in general, the male and female, who were born in March, are expected to have many children, for it’s a watery planet

Now I Bongo Isaac now live in the community of Retirement St James.

I live a single life now, I lost my sistren, who was my lovely hand maid, her name is Udah Taylor, and she died because of high blood pressure which gave the result of strokes and so on.

It is not to say that the Almighty was never mighty, that he could de- liver her, but brethren we are passing through life and death and it is the mercy of the Almighty that preserve our life. None of us in this creation whether we vow The Vow of a Nazarite, or not, that alone, cannot save us, we are into an age that death come unto man, and, how death come unto man? It is through man disobey the ways of the Almighty. For it is said our fathers have sin and our teachers have transgress and H.I.M, the Almighty Rastafari, the Christ, and even before the Christ was re- born when he was known as “Yeshua” and many other Hebrew names.

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