The Iyaric Ily Ible Vol. 4


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

First page excerpt…

Iyaric Ily Ible Psalms Book Vol. 4 By Ras Imes Faust I

Yes I n I give thanks and Ises to the Almighty Jah Rastafari Haile Sellassie I, King of Iration, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Root of David, Conquering Lion of Judah, King Alpha and Queen Omega Empress Menen. Also much Raspect to all the members and support- ers of WiseMind Publications who make this Psalms translation available.

Now the first Iyaric Ily Ible Psalms Book is Psalms 1-23: it in- cludes the Iyaric Ictionary/dictionary, itesfull wordsound on Psalms used in the Nyahbinghi Order, including the Nyahbinghi Creed. Vol- ume 2 covers Psalms 24-59: the introduction gives a traditional bibli- cal classification of the Psalms, such as the Royal Psalms, Messianic Psalms, Hallelujah Psalms and more. Volume 3 is Psalms 60-89: with the introduction focusing on the importance of I n I Rastafari Global Family to Support I n I Incient Elder Matriarchs and Pa- triarchs thru websites like Wisemind Publications and the Word Sound Power Collective for Inity is Strength.

So now I n I come forward to Volume 4 beginning with Psalm 90 – 151: this Volume 4 introduction will summarize and overview the mu- sical liturgy with a listing of the instruments played during the chant- ing of the Psalms in Incient biblical times.

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