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The Iyaric Ily Ible


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

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Introduction: to the Iyaric Ily Ible Version by Ras Imes Faust I
Firstly and foremost I n I would like to give thanks and praises unto the MOST HIGH JAH RASTAFARI HAILE SELLASSIE I, for giving I man the inspiration and strength to manifest this translation of Holy Scripture. I n I may Itinue to give thanks and praises to JAH the Might of the Holy Trinity until the works is complete and manifest into the hands of the Global Rastafari Family, also I man must give a special thanks to Wisemind Publications and especially I n I Incient Ilder Ras Flako Tafari who helped this works manifest and without their help this translation would not be available in these Imes. I n I Pray Thee Strength and Jah Rastafari Blessings Itinually to the Rastafari Global Family…One Perfect Love…

I n I Ras Imes Faust I, got an inspiration from Jah Rastafari to manifest this biblical translation of Psalms and Proverbs KJV into an Iyaric ver- sion, Iyaric being the Rastafari Word Sound Power language. I pray thee in Jah Rastafari power that ones and ones find this a useful transla- tion, with the main reason being that Iyaric is the traditional Word Sound Power Rastafari language and it is not spoken enough by most Rastafari, it is mainly spoken by the elders within the Nyahbinghi man- sions, so by this translation Rastafari ones may learn, read and speak the Word Sound Power language called Iyaric, there is no better start than with the Wisemind and knowledge from I n I Ancient Kings David and Solomon, the ones who wrote most of the Psalms and Proverbs. Also the Iyaric translation manifests the reading of the Hola Scriptures as taught and practiced by H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I, with the bridging of this gap I n I as a Global Rastafari Family will be upkeeping I n I an- cient traditions of Rastafari Faith and Livity.

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