Natural Mystic


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

First page excerpt…

Within the Rastafari mystic, the works and the words of the Incients represents the main pillar of the Livity in this overwhelming Babylon confusion which dominates this world.
The Incient Rastafari have provided their teachings so that those who want to learn more of Rastafari livity can take a sip from the source of the divine enlightenment.
The Incient Ones trodding through the ages with word, sound, and power, transcending the dimension of time, incarnating, trough the manifestation of the Immortal Qualities, the Icept of the Incient of days.

The Incients are the regenerated souls from that time, they are the returned prophets and prophetesses, priests and priestesses, kings and queens of old.

The Incients fulfilled the saying “as it was in the beginning so shall be in the end”, they connect the past, the present and the future in which this generation of Rastafari have their part to play.

The Incients have paved the way for InI Rastafari, they have passed through the great tribulation, and walked the straight and narrow path to show InI that the Ivine Livity is worthy to be lived in the fullness of Haile I Selassie I and Empress Menen I.

In this crucial Iwa, let’s walk the same vision and build on this solid foundation that InI Patriarchs and Matriarchs set and make Ian’I works shine as an everlasting monument for the generations to come.

Let the aged be protected from that time until this time and forIva…

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