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Quotations From HIM


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…By what means can man’s achievements in this world be best remembered? Many people believe that this could be done by the erection of physical and material structures; other believe that their works are in themselves lasting monuments. We, for Our part, think that man’s contributions which live to influence the life and progress of posterity, are the most permanent monuments that can ever be erected…
– Laying Foundation Stone Of Haile Selassie I University Nov. 07, 1949

… Knowledge paves the way to love, and love in its turn fosters understanding, and leads one along the path of great common achievements…
– Opens Univesity College Of Addis Ababa (U.C.A.A.) Feb. 27, 1951

… From the beginnings of recorded history, right up to the Middle Ages, and even as late as the beginnings of the Industrial Age in which we live, agriculture has always constituted the fundamental source of wealth for the human race …

A country and people that become self-sufficient by the development of agriculture can look forward with confidence of the future.
Agriculture is not only the chief among those fundamental and ancient tasks which have been essential to the survival of mankind, but also ranks first among the prerequisites to industrial and other developments.

Only when a solid agricultural base has been laid for Our country’s commercial and industrial growth can We ensure the attainment of the ultimate goal of Our development programme, namely, a high standard of living for Our people. Commerce and industry, being concerned in the main with production and distribution, can only develop and profit from existing resources, but cannot actually create things which did not exist before.

– Agriculture College – Graduation Jan. 16, 1958

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