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The Iyaric Ily Ible Vol. 2


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

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The Iyaric Ily Ible: Psalms Version: Volume 2 Introduction: by Ras Imes Faust I

Introducing the Psalms on a personal note: I man Imember in the older days I an I Rastafari would always be chanting a Psalm, Psalm have to chant, even before spliff or chalice a burn, this was blessing the sacra- ment in Jah Rastafari name with giving thanks and Ises unto Jah Rasta- fari for Guidance and Itection Itinually…I an I would love to see this trodition Itinue Imongst the Rastafari Global Family, especially the youth them, for they need Hola Inspirations through Irie Meditations. I man Pray Thee this vol. 2 version brings light and Inspiration to ones and ones seeking to chant Psalms and glorify I an I king Creator Jah Rastafari especially in these wicked times for Babylon must fall. Greet- ings & Itinual blessings in the name of the Most High Jah Rastafari, One Perfect Love unto all I an I Loved Ones, Nyahbinghi Incient Eld- ers and the whole Rastafari Global Family. I man am greatly Ijoicing and giving Itinual Ises to Jah Almighty, Haile Sellassie I, King of Kings, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, Root of David, Light of the World and Earths Rightful Ruler, the one who Inspire I an I to do these works. I am most Irie to bring forward the Iyaric Ily Ible Psalms Version, vol. 2 with special thanks to Wisemind Publications and Elder Ras Flako for they bring it forward as the publishers. Now the first volume starts with Psalm 1 to Psalm 23 and includes the Iyaric Ictionary now volume 2 will not include the Iyaric Ictionary so that more Psalms can full up the volumes, volume 2 will forward with Psalm 24. In this Introduction I an I want to go into the subject of the classification of the Psalms, for the Psalms being a prayer book and hymnal book as one book, so it covers a lot of subject matter and over time with many biblical scholars putting in their research I an I can see an Istablished classification of the Psalms, like the Royal Psalms, Mes- sianic Psalms, Penitential Psalms, Hallelujah Psalms, Elohim Psalms and the Psalms of Ascent. I man will give a brief historical overview of the meanings of each classification and the Psalms that pertain to it.

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