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The Iyaric Ily Ible Vol. 3


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

First page excerpt…

The Iyaric Ily Ible Book 3: Introduction by Ras Imes Faust I

Greetings & Blessings in Jah Rastafari Love,

This introduction will focus on the reasoning for translating the Psalms into an Iyaric set of ebooks/books and most importantly the ebooks be- ing published by WiseMind Publications. One of the main reasons for these translations is that the Iyaric Word Sound Power language/speech was first spoken by I an I Incient Elders of the Rastafari Nyahbinghi Order, especially in the chanting of the Psalms for they are important scriptures in the Rastafari Movemant. Now these Iyaric Ily Ible transla- tions are a carrying forward of the Incient Elders creative works within the spoken language realm, along with their overall Itribution to the Ivelopmant of the Rastafari Faith & Livity. The other main reason is the ebooks being published by WiseMind Publications can be bought for a small price and a percentage will go to help funding the Ancient Elders medical needs, now by doing this Rastafari Sons and Dawtas can feel Irie knowing that they are actually helping to fulfill I an I Hola Creed by helping strengthen the Elders.

Also all the Wisemind ebooks are Rastafari related and many of their ebooks are testimonies of the same Ancient Elders who began to speak Iyaric. Also I man want to give maximum raspect to I Elder Ras Flako of WiseMind Publications for this Idren has manifested so much works on the International level from writing books to Interviews with Elders, along with visiting other Rastafari communities in other coun- tries. I Pray thee the Rastafari Global Family can find the strength to help I an I Incient Elders for they had a hard trod and go thru longsuf- fering, trials, tribulations and brutality by Babylon forces and still to this day I an I find Rastafari ones hailing Jah Rastafari from all over the earth, so really it’s a calling for Inity in the works of a Rasponsi- bility that should be done by I an I as a Movemant for who else ago do it, Rich man nah come save the Rastaman…I an I the Rastafari Global Family must do it…Jah Rastafari Haile Sellassie I Blessings, One Per- fect Love…

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