Ancient Mampie


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

First page excerpt…

I will now shout out the things and actions of persons, individuals and my own experience things that happen in the past and still going on. My fingers point to the front line operators, the ones who take or took possessions in the Rastafari mansions, people who were not selected or voted for, such as chairpersons, priests and others of the class of all types, if I am not using the right words, when you read my words you will get my meaning.
So much to express, so much I have beheld with my eyes, I mean to say these words, the leaders eat up the food, belonging to the youths and elderly, this act as far as I am concerned is dishonesty and abuse of office positions.
There are others preaching racism, but still hug those known as white man or woman, they burn hot fiya on others who have white friends, most of those who fight for power display this partial, they are the ones holding back the progress of the Rastafari movement.
Rastafari outside of Jamaica are appealing to Rastafari in Jamaica to put their act together and stop drawing attention to themselves, too much tug a war in the house of Rastafari, they know who they are, and some are Iyabinghi, Bobo or 12 Tribes and Rastafari of no mansions.

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