Priest Itutu


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

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In the early days a man fair complexion was looked as being white, during that time I was trodding with my brethren who I shared things with. Now, when you are within a section of Rasta but never attend the Nyahbinghi, is a different experience you will have. When I trod the binghi, the same man who know I man, will behave like he doesn’t know I, when I stand within the wider community of Rastafari who at- tend the binghi, however I did not pay much attention to that, but said to those at the binghi, “I am the same man that you know from a long time”.

It is just a colour realms of which man don’t know where the colour originate from. They don’t know where black, Chinese, Indian and white come from as the Bible said creation comes from Cain and Abel, so these people must be here for a personal reason. There are so many things not revealed, remember Bob Marley sing about “One Love” and when the Father comes there will be no two, therefore there are many things not explained in the Bible so we just have to hold them and not question them, if you question them and don’t find the answer doubt and fear will overcome you.

I am a man who loves to preach Jah and when I sit down and check I man sight up things from Jesus Christ parents them. In my early days I was living at Church Lane and was working at the Norman Manley In- ternational Airport. I used to drink and smoke, I did not check about any realms, one day the Father called I man. He said to I, “Come man leave that.”

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