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Bongo Youngfull


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

First page excerpt…

I pray thee I trod up in 1947 my birth age, so coming up at the age of nine I observe a shining light in the land, I receive a new voice because I start to see one and few brethren and ones that I know pass and said to I man “love father son and love Godson” so it always sweet I, from the youthfulness of I, I always come closer to hear the prophecy, so when I come and see these brethren, I trod up in humility way of lis- tening and more unification love to learn more.

So then growing up in a knowledge, seeing and ovastanding, in the presence of Incients, such as Bongo Isaac, Incient Breda Sunny, Breda Gerald, Breda Benjie, and Breda Logic in our congregation yard in Granville, Montego Bay, there we learn’t many good practices and liv- ity of Rastafari.
Now it gives I man a joy in the morning, when I sight up the brethren seated in the congregation giving thanks over the Fiya cup. It brings I man closer to observe.

I tried to create my own harps with tin pans, or paint pans and chant the first three songs that come to mind such as By the Rivers of Baby- lon, and later at night when I was alone, I chanted deeper.

Want to meet Haile Selassie and Queen Omega down by the river side Down by the riverside
Down by the riverside
Want to meet Haile Selassie I,
Queen Omega, down by the river side
Study war no more

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