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Incient Testimony of Bongo Roy

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A Wise Mind Publications original.

First page excerpt…


In 1951, I man now, grew with some chiney people. When ’51 hurri- cane, I man deh a Bogue. When I leave Bogue now and I man pick up the faith, when them find out say I a Rasta, It was when I start to work at Port Kaiser.

I start to work at Port Kaiser, and a work and a come on, and when dem find out say I a Rasta, dem fire I. And when dem fire I, now I deh pon the street. Every man start seh, ”Rasta Roy, Bongo Roy, yu tun cruff! Look how yu gone follow dutty people, yu no have no ambition.” All mi school mate dem start forsake me. When I look back, me seh, ‘Well Rastafari seh, for my name sake, yu mother and yu father will forsake you’.

Alright, one Sunday, me deh a Odeon theatre. That time you have the Manchester Club, in a Mandeville, the Manchester Club was weh pure white people go, no black. The only thing black is who a work deh, and my brother-in-law work in deh.

That time yu did have a white man, name Belnavis, him carry a little beard, him control the whole of Alcan. Him seh to tell de youth him, that him can get a work. That time the only work yu can get is at Alcan or in the police force, or yu no have no work at all.

Everyone a watch I, Monday morning come, dem look, I don’t trim nor shave. Dem seh, “Wha happen?” I seh tell Belnavis that him would have to trim and shave first. Anyway my people dem start to get vex and race I out of dem gates, and I have to take bush fe it.

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