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Never Get Weary Yet


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A Wise Mind Publications original.

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While so many things have been said before, we still have nonetheless the energy and will power to give useful reminders of the past, present and prepare now for the future. The stages in life are not new, age and experience teach the wise one, whereas trial and error mark the ways of the young and inexperienced.

For the conscious and aware the guidelines be must clear, the commit- ment must be un-waving , otherwise like a ship without a rudder one will bounce about or run aground in the stormy weather. Why keep pretending that you have it all, yet you have nothing at all?

The power of life has manifested fields of cosmic energy, not every- thing can be seen or heard, and not everything has a written history, know that the mind is too precious to waste.

Let the light reveal the darkness or the darkness will emerge from the light and humankind will sight up the oneness of Jah creation.
In times when hearts are getting weary and desperation sets in, Rasta- fari congregate and uplift themselves to higher Ites of morality.

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